Management Team

The AJ Scott management team bring the best of their skills together to realise the potential in buildings. They have been part of Christchurch’s new vision for our city, and are excited about contributing to the creation of liveable cities throughout New Zealand.

John Scott

Managing Director

John combines management expertise with extensive experience in the construction industry. He ensures all staff are supported, safe and happy in their work, and he extends this approach to professional partners and clients.

Andy Bean

Development Manager

Andy has worked in insurance project and supply chain management, civil and commercial management roles. He is interested in the organisation’s health and development, championing innovation and building partnerships to create tangible outcomes.

Celia Wright

Finance Manager

With a forestry science degree under her belt, Celia loves spreadsheets and numbers, contributing her eye for detail with clear analysis of the big picture. She turns her knowledge of how projects, investments and growth models work into opportunities.

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