Health & Safety

At AJ Scott on-site health and safety is paramount, not only from a compliance point of view but as part of our commitment to upholding our values, including the wellbeing of the people we serve.

Extending wellbeing

Our approach to wellbeing extends through our health and safety measures to encompass our staff, contractors, clients and public.

For every new project AJ Scott produces a sharable on-site Site Specific Safety Plan for all matters relating to the project’s health and safety, and in compliance with our overall Health and Safety Management Plan. 

As part of our commitment to health and safety, our management is a real time, active process that we constantly review. AJ Scott has partnered with Safe & Sound Solutions Ltd. to complement the work we do in this area, and believe this alliance brings value to our business. 

With strongly aligned independent H&S consultancy for AJ Scott, this provides invaluable auditing, support and advice for the team. This services acts as a strong catalyst to drive continuous improvement in health and safety, offering guidance, ensuring we are meeting our health and safety obligations, promoting team accountability and overall reducing risk for all stakeholders. We know that as well as keeping everyone safe, committing to a robust H&S process helps to ensure each project runs without a hitch.

Commitment to H&S

AJ Scott has an exemplary safety record, is Sitewise accredited and a member of Site Safe. All incidents, accidents or near misses are reported, and as part of our commitment to minimising on-site risk, we work to constantly monitor, audit and update our health and safety policies and practices. 


Daily on-site toolbox talks, weekly monitoring by our H&S Officer and regular independent audits by Safe & Sound Solutions Ltd., guarantees health and safety is a living process for the whole team, and ensures we are working to best practice, and fulfilling our duty of care to ourselves and others.

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