Health and Safety

Our commitment to Health and Safety is a key element to how we operate. We have chosen to empower our staff to make the right decisions through giving them the tools to do so, not only for themselves but for their co-workers. We are dedicated to keeping our team updated and are proactive in supporting employees and subcontractors to our our very best to minimise critical risks.

Forward Thinking

Health and Safety is imperative to our company success, therefore we ensure every employee is fully trained and informed of our health and safety standards with the over arching goal that all our staff go home safety every working day. Health and Safety is critically imbedded into the implementation of the project.  We are an endorsed member of the Christchurch Safety Charter and take the welfare of our staff and others on our sites very seriously.

Dedicated to Improvement

We are continually striving to ensure our health and safety practices are aligned with industry standards.  Our commitment includes:

  • ACC Secondary Level Accredited
  • Signatory to the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter
  • Site Safe Membership and Signwsie Accredited
  • Internal Elected Health and Safety Committee that  keeps abreast of new procedures and processes

At AJScott’s we place a strong emphasis on the way in which we carry out our projects, to ensure we do not harm our staff, our suppliers or members of the public, or cause damage to property.

Our Site Safety Plans are prepared in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, recognising the fundamental objective of that Act, which is to promote excellence in health and safety management.


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